Reunion Island, place of variety

The Show begins as you come out of the plane. On one side, you can see the sea, and the mountains on the other side leave you breathless.

First, volcanos. The famous Pyton de la Fournaise, which is active, and Le Pyton des Neiges, sleeping. The extraordinary diversity of the vegetation makes wonderful landscapes. Those multiple landscapes are the gift made to you by La Réunion when you come here.


Most people come hiking in the mountains. Be sure that someone will tell you that the best thing he ever saw was the sunrise, after a night on the top of the volcanos.The Reunion Island is also famous for its cirques, like huge holes in the heart of mountains. It is an geological phenomenon you can only see on the island people who live in there are nearly isolated from civilization. Tourists take walks during a couple of days and sleep in circus of Mafate, meeting local people and sharing pieces of nature.


But mountains are not the only treasure there. After hiking, you can go to the beach. Because of shark attacks, you can only swim in the lagoon which is protected by the reef. The water is warm and full of beautiful fishes and shells. Stay there all day long looking for tropical fishes to discover and just wait for the sunset. Oh, you’re bored? Turn around and take a look at the mountains from afar…


Despite shark problems, you can go to Boucant Canot or L’Etang Salé. Those beaches are different from the lagoon because there isn’t the coral reef. The sand is dark, even black, and gives totally different landscapes. Surfers love those places because of the great waves, but it is still very dangerous to swim in these waters.


Sometimes, people don’t enjoy the beach because of the tourists there. If it is too warm, take a walk and go see the waterfalls. According to seasons, especially after raining, it can be an amazing show. The Water is very cold but it is fun to jump off a cliff to get fresh. The vegetation is also very different from the coast area. The island is full of colours thanks to flowers. The « flamboyants », according to season, give the lanscape an impression of fire. The colour of this tree is an extraordinary red that gives an explosion of colours when you are travelling across La Réunion.

La Réunion is, actually, a small place full of many different treasures



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